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Family in Need turns to Neighbors

Posted on Friday, October 5, 2007 by No comments yet

A mother displayed courage today in asking for help from her South Williston neighbors via Front Porch Forum. Her neighborhood forum is not very populated yet, so I’m not confident she’ll get the help needed. If you’re interested in getting this job done please contact me (use the Contact FPF form) and I’ll make the connection.

Dear Neighbors – We have recently purchased 35 panels of 6’x6′ vinyl fence (180′) to install in our back yard.

We purchased it to protect our 5 year old daughter from being hit by a car or getting lost and not finding her way back home. People drive 40 miles an hour or more… alongside our property.

Our 5 year old, has Down syndrome. She is delayed in speech and currently has no concept of danger and/or the damage that can occur if she does not stop, look, and listen when she gets to the edge of our yard or driveway. She is adventurous and likes to wander away from the yard to “visit” the neighbors. The problem is that she cannot give you her name, address or phone number, other than, “Hi. I Nana Joy. What your name?”

Several landscapers have told us that they are not available until November. We have had two people come to quote the job for us. Only one got back to us with a quote. We have tried unsuccessfully over the last two weeks to get in touch with him to install it. It is important that we get it installed before the ground freezes. The fence has been here for 3 weeks and is still not installed. As a mother, this is a source of frustration for me. I cannot leave [her] in the care of her 8 year old sister to help my husband install this fence or it would be installed already.

We are looking for help in installing it from a couple of people who have installed similar fencing. If any of you are available to help us or know of anyone who is available to do the job, please call us. We would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you and God bless.

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