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Online Coupons?

Posted on Thursday, September 27, 2007 by No comments yet

Front Porch Forum has a new modest advertising platform for local businesses.  The response is exceeding expectations.  Our ad inventory is sold out for the next several weeks and the response from our members to the sponsor messages has been strong.  Color me cautiously optimistic.

Also, we’ve seen some advertisers offer discounts to Front Porch Forum members and others are considering some kind of coupon option.  So today’s posting by Greg Sterling is of interest…

Even though online coupons have been around for years, there’s really still no leader in the segment — quite mysteriously. Also the overwhelming majority of coupons are still clipped from physical newspapers and direct mail envelopes, such as ValPak’s blue envelope. But one gets the sense that the stars have finally aligned and online (and later some version of mobile) coupons will start to take off.

To that end, I previously forecast that the total face value of online coupons will be just over $16 billion in 2010 and the redeemed value of those coupons will be about $2.4 billion. (That may be too aggressive, but we’ll see; it depends on distribution and consumer awareness.)

And he goes on to write about AskCity’s efforts in this area.

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