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Friday is Pieday

Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2007 by No comments yet

I’ve gotta get out to Jericho!   Posted by Dave Eaton on the Jericho Corners Neighborhood Forum

Yes!   Sue Eaton is reviving her practice of prior years by offering scrumptious, fresh baked apple pies at Dulcie’s Legacies, 132 Vermont Rte 15 in Jericho, VT.   Pies can be ordered for  pick-up on Friday.   Or stop by and take your chances on remaining inventory.

Orders will be taken for apple, mince and pumpkin for the holidays.

The price is $15 for a 10″ pie in an aluminum pan or $20 in a deep glass pie plate including a $5 deposit on the dish for a green option.   (You can keep the dish or return it for refund or credit on a re-order).

Call Sue Eaton at Dulcie’s Legacies at 899-5054.   Watch for the flying pantaloon flag, a legacy from Dulcie. Remember, FRIDAY is PIEDAY!

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