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Rise and Fall of Social Networking Sites – Facebook Next?

Posted on Thursday, September 6, 2007 by No comments yet

I admit that I’ve never been much of an online social networker. I’ve watched various sites come on the scene, some skyrocket, and some fall back down to earth. The latest darling, of course, is Facebook. I’ve tried a few times to immerse myself in it supposedly life-giving waters, but I end up hopping out after a quick lap… feels like a waste of time for me. I know others whom I respect find it valuable, so it remains one of life’s mysteries… gotta love the unknown.

Except I’m beginning to hear what may grow into a chorus of the disenchanted. Here are a couple not who also are not drawn to Facebook… apophenia (see comments too) and DevLife (writes about Front Porch Forum too).

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