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Front Porch Forum’s 1st Birthday

Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2007 by No comments yet

Hard to believe that Front Porch Forum was launched one year ago this month! The response to this local start-up (focused on its initial pilot area of greater Burlington, VT) has been wonderful and overwhelming. What a privilege to work on this effort with the likes of…

  • More than 6,000 local households who subscribe across 130 local neighborhood forums! And hundreds more who sign up each month.
  • About 250 FPF neighborhood volunteers who help recruit neighbors and stimulate conversation.
  • Nearly 200 members who have submitted testimonials.
  • About 80 members who have made voluntary subscription payments.
  • More than 140 local public officials who each participate within his/her jurisdiction
  • A growing list of local advertisers.
  • Dozens of local media outlets that have reported about FPF.
  • Many organizations that have recognized FPF (and all involved) with awards.
  • Loads of folks who read and comment on our blog about building community within neighborhoods.
  • And several great collaborators.

Moving forward, our goals are simple and challenging…

  1. Strengthen each local neighborhood forum… more neighbors on board, more discussion.
  2. Generate sufficient revenue.
  3. Make improvements to FPF based on member feedback.
  4. Expand the service to other areas… more than 100 other communities on our waiting list.

So thanks to each FPF member! And please post messages to your neighborhood forum and encourage those around you to sign up at Here comes autumn! -Michael and Valerie

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