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Social Networking and Local Online News

Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 by No comments yet

No shortage of lessons regarding social networking sites…

1. Mark Glaser at offers a history and overview of major social networking sites.

2. Greg Sterling reports about a piece written by Jacqui Chew for iMedia about “how community and social media functionality are helping some newspapers grow and retain audiences online.”

3. And eNeighbors comments… “Information Week has an interesting article up titled “5 Keys To Social Networking Success” by Andrew Conry-Murray.”

And more, some local online stories today…

4. The Kelsey Group writes about Metacarta… “given a tool that can reliably and automatically geo-code news stories to the neighborhoods or regions to which they are relevant, many possibilities emerge. These include search engines that can return results about news stories relevant to a particular location, maps that can spatially represent news stories, and email alerts for news content that is relevant to a given location. It should be pointed out however, that geographically targeted news is nothing new online and has been accomplished by the likes of Topix,, and others. The difference is that Metacarta claims to do this in a more effective, automated, and scalable way (and is a platform, rather than a destination, that can be utilized by online newspapers).”

5.  Several sources are commenting about Yahoo’s latest reorg, including Yahoo Local., Greg Sterling, NYTimes.

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