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Neighborhood Planning Assemblies Online

Posted on Saturday, August 18, 2007 by 2 comments

Two of Burlington’s Neighborhood Planning Assemblies are now online…

All of the NPA Steering Committee members deserve thanks from the citizens of Burlington for the volunteer work they do on our behalf. About 25 of these good folks also participate on their neighborhood’s Front Porch Forum and have access to all of the neighborhood forums in their ward.

Kudos in particular to Basil Vansuch (Ward 5) and Lea Terhune (Wards 4 and 7) for creating these NPA blogs and thanks for mentioning Front Porch Forum on them.

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  1. Dell says:

    You might want to reconsider the kudos to Lea Terhune. After posting some decidedly biased comments on the 4/7 NPA blog, she was apparently taken to task, removed them, then started the Ward 4 & 7 NPA “Uncensored” blog. On this “uncensored” blog, Terhune twice removed comments critical of her approach. At the present, no comments are allowed. Go figure.

  2. Lea says:

    Thanks for the kudos. Dell is confused. The blog where I posted information that anyone could comment on was censored! By whom? — the shadow censor hides his or her shame, won’t own up to the action. Instead of welcoming different opinions, someone censored the Ward 4/7 NPA blog. I did not remove anything! All opinions or comments were welcome — until the CENSOR took over. I proceeded to set up an Uncensored Ward 4/7 blog with the original information posted there. The censored material was related to a Ward 7 City Councilor’s failed motion to reconsider the vote on Amendment 38 (Buildable Area Calculation excluding wetlands and slopes). Thanks to a 10-4 vote of the City Council, Amendment 38 stands intact, and provides protection of the neighborhoods from dense development on open spaces featured in the city’s Open Space Protection Plan. Shame on the shadow censor.

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