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eNeighbors underway in Colorado

Posted on Friday, August 17, 2007 by No comments yet

Congratulations to eNeighbors out of Colorado… nice press today mentioned on its blog. I’m not very familiar with this service… it appears to have some things in common with Front Porch Forum, but some significant differences too. Reminds me of i-Neighbors.

My sense of how they’re going at it from the article…

  • eNeighbors targets Homeowner Associations: 286,000 HOAs in U.S., with 57M population.
  • eNeighbors invested $125,000 to develop software and business.
  • Now it offers a suite of web-based services (neighborhood directory, classifieds, calendar, social networking, etc.) that it hosts.
  • HOAs pay $1,000/year.
  • Sales focused near their homebase in Colorado… founder and father sales team. Sale takes 2-3 months to close. All 33 HOA’s pitched have signed on.
  • Seeking $1M in angel and VC money for marketing and scaling up.
  • Plan to sell advertising too with neighborhood focus.
  • Letters sent by mail to each household in HOA to get people registered. After 2-3 mailings in first few months each HOA is at 60-80% participation.
  • Weekly auto-email encourages people to return to the website frequently to see the latest.

Congratulations to founders Phil Freund and Chris Stock.

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