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The Local Onliner reports today about today…

Service referral sites like ServiceMagic and Angie’s List have gotten some traction. But by no means are they dominating the business. What will it take?

Ashish Mohole, co-founder of startup, thinks the key is to guarantee that users get a wide assortment of choices when they make a query. Too many queries come up empty, or return just one or two possibilities, he says…

“Our approach is simple, honest and yet, effective and scalable,” says Mohole.

But most interesting to me was Mohole’s revealing assessment of the field circa mid-2007…

But Mohole also notes that the company’s prospects remain uncertain… Mohole openly wonders whether the time has passed whether startups like his can make a go of it. “All the big guns are pursuing everything possible to get in the local market,” he says. “The local space it is not easy for a start up to get traction in a short period of time without exposing to the risk of big players catching up.

In fact, he and his two other co-founders are contemplating selling the company. “A few years back, the experimentation would have been good idea with start ups making progress under the radar. But now it is more than likely these ideas will get ‘picked up’ and won’t have a chance to build premium value.”

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