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Parting’s sweet sorrow

Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2007 by 2 comments

One of the great pleasures of moderating Front Porch Forum has been getting to know so many more local folks than I knew previously.  Deb is a case in point.  She’s been a great booster and user of the service… invited me to address her Rotary Club, flyered door-to-door in her own neighborhood, posted compelling messages, and more. Regrettably for us and good for her, she’s moving away to be close to kids and grandkids.  I was touched by her farewell today…

I have just returned from my soon-to-be new home [out of state].  Almost more than missing my friends and the amenities here in Burlington, I will miss the connection I feel to Front Porch Forum.  When I think of moving to a brand new community and the difficulty of learning about my new neighborhood, I think of all the advantages that the Forum brings.

Is there any realistic way I can encourage my new community to begin a similar service?

I hope FPF can catch up with Deb in her new community in the coming months!

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  1. Arjun Singh says:

    Hello Michael – don’t forget the opportunities up here and to the west in British Columbia. We need your service up here!!! Or something like it!!!

  2. Michael says:

    We’re working on it! Thanks Arjun. Hope you’re have a great summer.

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