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Today’s Good Neighbor Example

Posted on Monday, July 30, 2007 by 1 comment

Here’s my favorite use of Front Porch Forum out of today’s batch of neighbor-to-neighbor messages…

On Friday July 20, our neighborhood hosted lunch for folks at the COTS Daystation!  People there expressed surprise and appreciation when I brought in cooler after cooler of bag lunches.  One face in particular brightened when I said there was everything from PBJ to Roast Beef and Pastrami sandwiches in the bags.  (It was the roast beef that got his attention.)

I know at our house, I had ambitious children separating grapes, wrapping sandwiches, packing and decorating the paper bags.  Next time we saw a person begging at the exit ramp of I-189, we all felt better about doing our part to help a person in need.  We have decided to carry some decent snack foods with us that we can donate when we drive by;  we, like most, worry some about unhealthy choices people can make with cash, and it prevents us from reaching out.

Food showed up on my doorstep Thursday night and Friday morning not magically but with care and effort, which is better than magic.  5 different households pitched in to the 40-lunch effort.  Thanks to all who did… you know who you are.

I will contact COTS and find a date in August we can do it again.  I’ve learned a few things to help streamline the process and perhaps make it better for next time.  I hope we can continue on a monthly basis.

Great job Maggie and Prospect Parkway Neighborhood Forum members!  Not only are these folks using Front Porch Forum to pitch in and help their larger community, but by these very actions they are enhancing the sense of community within their own neighborhood… win-win.

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  1. That’s a really nice thing to do.

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