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Community seeds just waiting to sprout

Posted on Thursday, July 26, 2007 by No comments yet

Bob of the Starr Farm Neighborhood Forum wrote on July 13…

Softball, Soccer, Frisbee (Ultimate)… Is anyone in the “Neighborhood” interested in putting together a neighborhood game of some sort? Nothing ultra-competitive, keeping it fun, maybe even playing against another neighborhood. Any ideas?

Not much response. Then, some wonderful volunteers happened to distribute Front Porch Forum flyers and another 30 households signed up for this forum! So Bob tried again on July 23 and found a different reception…

Neighborhood softball Friday August 3rd at 6:45. I have a few bats I can bring one is a smaller one for kids. If anyone else has a favorite bat ball or glove they can bring that too.

We’ve had a good response, and everyone is welcome. I hope to see and meet many of you there. Feel free to invite anyone else that you want to bring.

That’s great! It’s wonderful to watch this kind of thing in one neighborhood after another… block parties, babysitting coops, neighborhood watches, walking clubs. There seems to be a pent up desire to connect with neighbors. Almost as soon as a critical mass of neighbors join FPF in one neighborhood, someone starts organizing a community activity through it there… that’s what FPF’s all about!

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