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Members say it best

Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2007 by No comments yet

Since its launch last fall, Front Porch Forum has attracted wonderful people who join and put the service to great use.  Then the praise flows in.  Here are couple from today

I joined this forum about a month ago but have been “lurking.” So, belatedly, “Hi, I’m Here”

The magic of the internet has made me feel much more connected to many of you whom I have never met.  I tried to help find Jim’s laptop (never even knew the name behind the Smithy sign until then) and cheered (and blogged it) when it was recovered. I have been admiring the mailboxes along the main road, knowing the source of their new found beauty. And I have frequently passed on your queries to folks who are not on the list but I think might be able to help.  -Julie, Huntington Neighborhood Forum

And from the stream of FPF comments on the PBS blog MediaShift

Is there an echo in here? There oughta be for the Front Porch Forum in Burlington, VT. Not only is it a source for hyperlocal news, but it is also a record of our times a la Studs Terkel. All history is personal – isn’t that the premise. What Michael Wood-Lewis and family have created is nothing short of a perfect marriage between technology and community, from the banal to the profound – and everything in between.  -Richard

Wow!  Thank you Julie and Richard.

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