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Funky Mailboxes spread across Huntington

Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2007 by 2 comments

Sounds like a local artist is onto something in Huntington. Kelly O’Brien posted to her neighborhood forum less than two weeks ago…

Hi All – I’d like to paint your mailbox! Especially interested in mailboxes on the Main Road, or any well-traveled roads in or near town.You’d be helping me out by letting me paint & take photos for my portfolio… and you’ll benefit by getting a one-of-a-kind mailbox. And if you hate it, I can repaint to the original black, gray or white. If you’d like to get a sense of my style, look at our mailbox. I do polka dots, circles, stripes, and any bold graphic design, or just a solid fun color.

Since then, the comments are pouring in…

  • Yesterday Kelly O’Brien painted my mailbox – check it out. It is beautiful! Thank you Kelly!
  • Kelly O’Brien painted our mailbox too. Plain and plastic transformed into fun and funky! Thanks, Kelly!
  • Oh my good lord in heaven! You have a gift! So beautiful – the mailbox you painted at Bonnie’s place… YOU GO GIRL!!!!
  • I came home today to find my sad little rusty mailbox transformed into a work of Kelly O’Art! I saw Cindy’s on the Main Road and signed right up. Huntington will soon be known for its colorful mailboxes. Many thanks to Kelly O’Brien!

I love to see artists and micro-business owners use Front Porch Forum to jump start their efforts!

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  2. […] Good for Kelly and her funky mailbox-painting project in Huntington, VT.  We covered her story last month, and now Seven Days has a lovely piece in this week’s issue by Paula Routly.  The slideshow assembled by Cathy Resmer gives a better sense than the single newsprint photo. The rural mailbox is a study in contrasts. On the one hand, it’s a personal postal sanctuary fiercely protected by the federal government. On the other, provided the “current resident” owns it, a mailbox can also be a means of self-expression. Along Vermont roadsides, it’s not unusual to see Audubon scenes, American flags and Warren Kimble creations mingling with the standard black, slushy silver, or rusty-red metal loafs. […]

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