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Seeking duct-taped surfboard

Posted on Friday, July 13, 2007 by No comments yet

Interesting post of the day comes from the ONE Central Neighborhood Forum…

I found an 8′ longboard in the dump maybe six years ago. I used a role of duct tape, a trashbag, and some old waterski fins and turned it into a usable surface to pull behind a skiboat. However my cousin broke it beyond repair last week while shredding some gnarly waves. Now I am looking to replace it with another longboard. Preferably one with little duct tape. Hopefully not waterlogged. And sweet graphics are a must. Please call 558-0847 with any leads. Peace. Gabe.

First surfboard request for Front Porch Forum. 😉 If you can help out Gabe, post a comment hear and I’ll connect you.

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