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Praise from FPF Members

Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2007 by No comments yet

I’ve said it before… the steady flow of wonderful member comments washing through Front Porch Forum keeps the FPF development team motivated and focused. The comment list grows continually. Some recent samples…

Thank you for Front Porch Forum — it is the internet at its best. -Lorinda Henry

Thank you for creating this wonderful resource to support our connection to one another. You’ve done a terrific job. I really appreciate it (and the last-minute tickets to Circus Smirkus, which was fantastic!) -Amy Todisco

I posted something about seeking help with dog sitting, and I received a wonderful reply, for which I’m very grateful. Thanks very much for starting this online community! -Andi Mowrer

I have relocated; I hope there’s a Front Porch Forum up this way! Thank you – I found it very helpful. I was able to pass along my beloved piano to a new piano player. -Rebecca Strader

I love Front Porch Forum. It is such a great way to be connected to different social networks and hear the opinions of my neighbors! -Rachel Weston, State Representative

I’d just like to offer some kudos here: (1) to Front Porch Forum for creating a medium for neighbors to communicate issues quickly and easily, and (2) to the police and government officials of all types for watching and responding to this forum on a regular basis. I think I can speak for most members of the community and say this: Whether or not we are satisfied with every response we receive, we appreciate everything our officials are doing to improve and maintain our quality of life. We have to acknowledge that FPF has created a communication path and that its being used, successfully, by our community. -Tim Curtin

About 30 neighbors attended our potluck. It was very successful and fun! See what Front Porch Forum’s vision hath wrought! -Edorah Frazer

I am really appreciating this forum – finding out about goings on in the community, and the conversations, connections, that are going on whether I am participating or bystanding. -Guthrie Smith

Thanks everyone for the mechanic recommendations! It’s been a great help and I’m glad this forum exists for such occasions. -Cody Silfies

Please update my account as I’ve moved to a new neighborhood. I love being part of Front Porch Forum and am hoping it will help me meet neighbors at my new place! -Abba Corliss

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