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Another Mama-Baby Moose Tale

Posted on Thursday, July 5, 2007 by 1 comment

Patrick just posted the following moose story on the FPF Westford Neighborhood Forum. I guess I’ve got a soft spot for baby moose tales.

Many neighbors on Brookside Road caught sight of a young moose on the loose in early June. The calf roamed on the road and in our front yard. She/he looked a little lost and perhaps it was searching for it’s mother.

The plight of the baby became a worry of many with whom I spoke. They were worried that Mom and baby were lost to each other.

My wife called the Fish and Wildlife commission to alert officials and to find out what might be able to be done. The official had said that there was no report of a downed moose, and that young moose calves are “hellions”, often betraying parental instructions to stick around.

Although I cannot at all confirm the safety of the baby moose, I can at least confirm that 2 days after the sighting of the baby, a large adult was seen by my wife and I while driving home. The large moose was walking in the thrush along Brookside road, about one mile away from the school.

We speculate that the baby and this Moose are a mother/baby pair and it eased our minds to know that in all likelihood the two were back together.

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