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On Kittens, Church Retreats, and Neighbors

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 by No comments yet

Another member connecting with her neighbors through Front Porch Forum (this one from the Malletts Bay Neighborhood Forum in Colchester, VT)…

I’ve made a habit of sending a “welcome to the front porch” email to people when they join my neighborhood forum. Most recently, I had a pleasant response and the two of us began emailing back and forth, she is looking for a kitten or cat for a pet, I let her know about a friend who has new kittens she is trying to find homes for. As we exchanged emails I shared about a hike sponsored by a local church and wanted to clarify that I attend a different congregation. Anyway, she emailed back that she is the same denomination and not yet hooked up with a congregation!

So, I’ve invited her and her daughter to join us for all or part of the weekend at our Lake Elmore retreat and we are getting together at a local playground to meet each other in person later this week.

Fun way to make a connection that likely might have never been made! Thank you.

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