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MacBook on truck roof… happy ending?

Posted on Tuesday, June 5, 2007 by 3 comments

I had trouble imaging a happy ending when the following message came across the Huntington Neighborhood Forum from a local blacksmith yesterday…

Anyway PLEASE keep an eye out for a silver case on the side of the road while biking, walking, or driving. More then likely its in pieces but it has all my business data and such on it….. An obvious lesson for all can be learned from this $2800.00 ++ mistake. I’ll let you all figure it out as it’s way to painful for me to relay.

Today some other Front Porch Forum members weighed in with similar thoughts as mine…

All I can say is “ooouuuuch!” As a dedicated Mac user, I know your pain must be great… I hope some Samaritan found it and will return it to you! If so, you should be able to recover the drive…

So imagine my surprise when the following note just arrived!

I received a call from Small Dog Electronics in Burlington. Some one picked up my lap top off the hi way and delivered it to them!! It was run over a few times BUT the hard drive still works! So all my info was not lost and all will be recovered. HOW ABOUT THAT!  Small Dog actually said it could be repaired!  Thanks to all that looked for me.

Gotta love the happy ending.

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  1. Michael says:

    Thanks to Cathy Resmer at Seven Days for the following link on her blog…

    “This is a crazy story. Someone who lives in Huntington left their laptop on the roof of their truck and drove off. The laptop flew off at some point. But it was miraculously returned, reports Michael Wood-Lewis of Front Porch Forum.”

  2. Michael says:

    A follow-up from the owner of the mangled Mac…

    “I’m all for a local Mac user group. I started using a computer 10 years ago. I had no clue what I was doing and learned all that I know on my own. Since all this lost and found- backup just in case, stuff, I really am doing things the wrong way on a lot of fronts. Me picking up a book and learning the ABCs is out of the question. I learn by doing. So if something gets organized please let me know. By the way this posting has been done on the Survivor MacBook Pro! If I press down on one end of it the other end rocks up an inch… Amazing. JIM”

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