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Daughter sending Parents on Long-Delayed Honeymoon

Posted on Friday, May 25, 2007 by 1 comment

Here’s a beautiful story that just came across the Airport Drive Neighborhood Forum…

Hi Everyone – This weekend (Sat & Sun, 9am-3pm) I will be holding a yard sale at 33 Forest Street [South Burlington]. The proceeds from this sale will go to send my parents on a much-deserved, very belated honeymoon. This June marks their 30th anniversary. They have never had the money or time to take a honeymoon, or even a vacation together, though they did find the money to provide me with a beautiful wedding last year. To thank them for that, my husband and I are putting on this yard sale to raise the money to send them off on a little honeymoon. How much we raise determines how far we can send them. Ideally, I would like to be able to send them to Maine or the Cape because my mom has never seen the ocean, but has always wanted to.

The yard sale is being held at my parents’ house. They are completely unaware that this is to benefit them. They think I am holding it to raise money for my grad. tuition. So if you can stop by to support this, keep the real purpose of it a secret!

There are ceramics you can paint yourself, yarn, crafty whatnots, books, clothes, dishes, kitchen things, games, toys, etc. Thanks for your support! -Rebekah

If you’re local… stop by a spend a couple bucks. If you’re a Front Porch Forum subscriber, post this message on your own neighborhood forum to help spread the word!

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One comment

  1. Michael says:

    Here’s the follow up posted today by the daughter…

    Thank you to everyone who helped to support this project! My parents’ anniversary is June 25th, so I will make the reveal then, but their vacation time doesn’t come until late September, so that is when I will be whisking them away for a few days. We made just over $300 at the yard sale, and in the intervening months between now and when they actually leave, I hope to raise another $100 by finding homes for the items that didn’t sell at the yard sale. This should be enough to send them to Maine, so my mother can finally see the ocean, and my parents can have a proper honeymoon after waiting 30 years. Thank you again for all of your support! You’re wonderful! -Rebekah

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