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Favorite Posting of the Week!

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 by No comments yet

Here’s a wonderful Front Porch Forum posting from a senior citizen on the ONE East Neighborhood Forum.  She was stunned by the quickness and number of responses to her call for lawn help.  She’s full of gratitude for those around her who beautify the neighborhood.  She issues a safety reminder.  And, she offers a $100 reward for return of her lost hearing aids!  Read on to see what she was doing when she lost them!  -Michael

Wow. What a response to my mowing plea. The 1st one came in at about 1 AM. I am not a regular computer person yet so didn’t check my email until late in the day by which time someone had called me on the phone and then actually mowed my lawn. Thank you so much to the other 5 or 6 people who offered.

Thanks also to the people who plant flowers in the greenbelt and the ones who pick up trash, which I hope someday will be all of us all the time. My grandmother used to stoop over and pick up trash when I was a child and I would be mortified. Now I do it too.

I’m also grateful to the bikers who ride responsibly who mostly seem to be children. It must be hard to remember how quickly a bike can appear out of nowhere and how relatively slowly a car can respond.

I have another topic. Last night I lost one of my hearing aids. I was getting a ride home up North St.on the back of a motorcycle and it was in my left hand pocket. We rode from parking space in front of the brick houses on Elm St. on UU Church property to North St. and then up North St. to 447. There is a $100 reward. Thanks.

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