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Good Web Host Recommended

Posted on Monday, May 21, 2007 by 8 comments

Some folks have taken the time to share their appreciation of Front Porch Forum with me today. That’s a wonderful thing. As one of them wrote about people’s tendencies to criticize…

Although positive feedback may not make it through as much as negative in general, it’s usually there. So many of us need a gentle reminder to share our positive thoughts and feelings in an effort to build a healthy community (and to give some context for our more constructively critical thoughts).

So this spurs me to share the great experience I’ve had for past nine months with JP Peach and Associates, the web host for this blog and Front Porch Forum. Peach, the man behind the company, knows his stuff and does a great job meeting specific needs. We started at one of the big daddy web hosting companies (although not THE Big Daddy), and they simply could NOT meet our specific needs. With Peach it’s been no problem. And his prices are reasonable.

If you’re looking for a web host along these lines, check out Peach. From the site…

The flexible organization of J.P.Peach & Associates allows us to offer a wide range of services at a significant cost savings compared to other software companies. We are a collection of independent contractors and keep our overhead cost low by not maintaining a bricks-and-mortar location.

Our company and web hosting are built on flexibility. Over the years we have used a large number of web hosting services, from the cheap to the expensive, and have never been really happy with any of them. They forced us into a “hosting package” that never really fit our client’s needs. So, we decided to set up our own server so that we can have full control over it. If you want to host your site with us we will customize the services and software to fit your needs. We have “hosting packages” but they are only a starting point, we will customize the hosting services to meet your specific needs.

[I’m not getting any compensation for this plug… it’s just good karma to acknowledge a job well done.]

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  1. John Wotawa says:

    Hi Front Porch Forum,

    where would my website and/or vision fit in here? thanks


  2. Michael says:

    Hi John… I love the mission of your site… similar to what we’re doing with Front Porch Forum. We are currently focused on our pilot metro-area of Burlington, VT. Cheers. -Michael

  3. Paul St. james says:

    Are political messages allowed on Front Porch Forum?

    Please respond.

  4. Michael says:

    Hi Paul. Yes, political postings are welcome on Front Porch Forum. Really, just about any topic is fine.

  5. Hey Michael, can we post info about an on-line enterprise? Zeke and Jean

  6. Michael says:

    sure! doing so once every 3-4 months briefly is fine.

  7. Tony says:

    If anyone else is using J.P. Peach, I would love to hear their input on the web hosting services.

    I think its good to have this site. It lets honest people share their honest opinion on services such as J.P. Peach.

    I will definitely use the reviews on my website to help others who are seeking web hosting services.

  8. George Woods says:

    Could you add a delete tab on the web site for post ? That would be really helpful because some times post either can get messed up or out dated and it’s a waste of peoples time and efforts, then again sometimes people can post things on accident like myself. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Have a great day…Thank you for creating the FPF it’s very helpful…

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