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Neighbors take “Mud Walk”

Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2007 by 1 comment

Yesterday I joked that one way to build community locally would be to hold a “Mud festival… a day full of mud-themed games, food and good clean fun.”  (Spring in Vermont is commonly called “mud season” for obvious reason.)

So, imagine my surprise when John wrote to his Huntington Neighborhood Forum this morning…

Actually we’ve been doing something like this for about 15 years up on East Street. We call it our annual Mud Walk. It’s a movable brunch. We pick three houses each year to host–first house does coffee, muffins, etc.; second house does main courses; and the last house does desserts. Neighbors are assigned things to bring to the appropriate stop along the way. We spend the day munching, talking & walking with our neighbors! This year we did on April 1st. It’s great and I’d encourage other neighborhoods in Huntington to do the same!

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