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Lost Dog Rescued by Neighbors

Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2007 by No comments yet

Deb Olsen wrote to her neighbors in the ONE East Neighborhood Forum the other day… a real sense of urgency…

Attention Neighbors – I am caring for a large Husky Hybrid dog for friends. Kiva dug her way out of my fenced yard today and is missing. She does not know this neighborhood, so I fear cannot find her way back. Her collar holds a tag with adhesive tape over her home phone number and mine written on it.

She followed that up with…

Hi Neighbors. A HAPPY BULLETIN – Thanks to the Front Porch Forum and my Henry Street neighbor, Jenny, LOST DOG, KIVA, IS HOME.

Jenny called me at 9:30 PM tonight to report that she had seen Kiva next door around 4:30 PM. She had phoned the number on Kiva’s dog tag, but the owners are out of town. When she saw the Forum notice on email tonight, she surmised it was the same dog and called me. She said she would go out to see if Kiva was still around. I had little anticipation Kiva would still be there hours later, but joined her outside for a look. Sure enough, Kiva was still there and although she was scared and would not come to us, we followed her down the street and she ran onto my front porch as if nothing had happened.

Another happy ending, thanks to Front Porch Forum and my alert, caring neighbor, Jenny, our neighborhood portrait artist.

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