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Front Porch Forum on Big Stage

Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by 1 comment

Front Porch Forum just accepted an invitation from co-organizer Micah Sifry to speak at the Personal Democracy Forum on May 18 in New York City. Wow! What an honor and opportunity. Dare I say, I think we have something to add… what we’re doing is unique (from all that I’ve seen at least), off to a promising start, and potentially powerful.

This will be a great event. Speaking or in attendance…

I imagine that we’ll be tucked away in some corner… but we’ll be there! I better start combing the hayseed out of my hair.

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One comment

  1. […] Just got an invitation to a gathering at Google NYC!  It’s the speakers’ cocktail party for the Personal Democracy Forum.  Photo ID required to get into the party… guess we’re not in Vermont anymore.  Front Porch Forum is on the agenda, alongside some A-List political bloggers (Huffington Post, TPM), successful entrepreneurs (craigslist, Wikipedia), Presidential campaign online directors (Edwards, McCain, Joe Trippi), best-selling authors (Thomas Friedman), etc.  Very exciting.  The conference is May 18 at Pace University.  I’ll write about the experience here. […]

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