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Legislators on the Vermont Autobahn

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 by No comments yet

With thousands of local members contributing to Front Porch Forum, every day brings something new… an especially insightful or inspiring post, etc. Here’s a beaut that will be published in the next issue of the Huntington Neighborhood Forum.

Where to start? I had to go to southern VT on business yesterday and on the way back had the pleasure to be a part of the mass exodus from our fine capital, Montpelier. All our elected officials were headed home… They get a nice distinct license plate so it’s easy to spot them. I had the cruise set at 70 MPH ( at 65 MPH you risk getting hit from behind). I was being passed like I was standing still!

All the cars had only one person in them… WOW

All sorts of things come to mind while this was happening… I’ll leave that up for your imagination. Well, maybe I should point that imagination in a positive direction by saying this:

Lead by example, Carpool, set up transportation hubs so folks can park and ride, make them carpool. You’re an elected official. This is how you get into work.

We have to start somewhere why not start from the top. =-) JIM

James Fecteau
Huntington Neighborhood Forum

[Thanks to Jim for his permission to publish this beyond his neighborhood forum.]

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