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More Kudos for Forum Members

Posted on Monday, April 2, 2007 by 3 comments

Front Porch Forum received it’s second award of the week last Thursday when the City of Burlington recognized it with a Neighborhood Leadership Award. Wow! We might have to take down some toddler artwork to make room on the walls of FPF World Headquarters for the new hardware.

To the many well wishers… thank you for the congratulations. That said, it’s all a bit misplaced. You see, we didn’t write the 10,000 messages or personally recruit most of our now 4,200 subscribers. No… this is a group project in a big way. Front Porch Forum provides the foundation and ongoing support and it’s the members who breathe life into each neighborhood forum by getting folks on board and using it. So, to all FPF members: Print the two plaques shown here and stick them to your wall too.

Both award ceremonies last week were moving events. The City’s Neighborhood Night of Success, in particular, showcased dozens of people who find ways to make their communities wonderful places to live… old, young, rich, poor, all sorts.

Lauren Ober wrote a nice piece about Richard Kemp, longtime community activist, as he took home the Herb Bloomenthal Award.

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  1. Rob Maurizi says:

    Michael- Many congrats on your now award-winning project! Who woulda thunk it a year ago?!

    Nice work!

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks Rob. And thanks to you for all your web development work in phase 1 of Front Porch Forum. Cathy Resmer said nice things about the effort too.

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