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Sure sign of spring in Vermont…

Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2007 by 1 comment

Winters in Vermont are long. When the snow finally starts its final retreat a collective sigh wafts over Burlington… followed by a “Oh sh#t! I just stepped in dog crap!”

I’ve been avoiding this topic (who wants to focus on dog poop?), but the sheer volume of dog poop posting the past week overwhelmed me. On neighborhood forum after neighborhood forum the call has gone out… “please scoop the poop!” All those layers of melting snow are revealing months of accumulated rogue deposits.

As unpleasant as it is to encounter this subject offline, reading neighbors’ online postings do provide a dose of antidote. It’s good to learn that I’m not alone in my aversion to this sign of spring.

The top two terms used, by the way, are the classic “dog poop” and the softer “dog poo.” I do take issue with the alternate spelling used by some folks on their forum… “dog pooh.” I’ll never think of Winnie in the same way.

And kudos to those like the following Front Porch Forum member…

“Enough talk. My shovel and 30 minutes cleaned up two buckets worth. Who’s next?” -South End resident

Amazingly, in all the poop postings, no one turned nasty. Most people, it seems, want to be and have good neighbors… regardless of the occasional mess.

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One comment

  1. judithderancourt says:

    Thanks to an alert community member, my
    electric bicycle has been found. Thank you all for this Forum, and for simply “listening.”

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