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Neighbor loves her Forum

Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2007 by No comments yet

People say the most lovely things about Front Porch Forum!  Thanks to all who have sent in messages… your kind words keep us motivated.  Here’s a note received today from C.C., a member of the Addition Neighborhood Forum in Burlington’s South End.

Because I don’t want to miss any editions of this forum, which I enjoy so much… I wanted to confirm that you have my new email address. So just checking that all is well. Thanks!!

By the way, our forum has helped me find childcare and porch builders, provided a conduit for contacting my city councilor about traffic safety and the police to express a concern. It’s also offered me a regular opportunity to appreciate how many cool things are going on in our community, and — most important! — provided me with a deeper sense of connection with neighbors and friends. Many thanks.

I love her last line… not only is she appreciating the direct results of connections to babysitters and contractors, but the sum of all those messages are adding up to her feeling more a part of a community… her neighborhood.  Hey!  That’s our mission… to help neighbors connect and foster community in the neighborhood.

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