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Smalltown and i-neighbors going places

Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 by No comments yet landed $3M in new funds recently to ramp up it’s model of local online.  Peter Krasilovsky reports:

Smalltown [is] an IYP site with social aspects via reviews, calendars and (now) Top 10 lists. Five months after launching SME-oriented sites in San Mateo and Burlingame, Smalltown has announced three new Bay Area locales, added video uploads, hired a VP of Sales, and begun a Google campaign.

This is a very interesting effort:

Usage-wise, Rucker says he’s got 3.5 percent of the launched communities visiting on a weekly basis. About 1.8 percent have registered, which gives them the right to review sites, etc. Rucker is aiming for a registered base of three percent.

After six months, Front Porch Forum has about 17% of Burlington, VT registered.

And I just heard that i-neighbors has a new version of their service up and running, although I don’t have any details.

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