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Monthly Sampler: Neighborhood Poker Game

Posted on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 by No comments yet

So I tried listing a week’s worth of message titles a couple times (here and here), and now a month and nearly 2,000 new messages have slipped by… too many to list. Let’s go with some samples of what Front Porch Forum members wrote in February:

  • Let’s get a neighborhood poker game started in the King Maple area of Burlington.
  • Dog lost in the big box parking lots. Dog found!
  • Did anyone else’s propane price go up nearly 50% last month in Hinesburg?
  • Warm maple-cinnamon buns delivered to your Charlotte home for school fundraiser.
  • New baby coming and hand-me-downs needed in the Five Sisters.
  • Lots of ideas discussed for underutilized corner store space on St. Paul Street.
  • Neighbors stepping up to reclaim ailing pocket park at S. Winooski and St. Paul.
  • Seeking kombucha tea culture… I have no idea what this is.
  • Snowpants needed for Somali Bantu kids sledding this week.
  • Details of emergencies sent to specific neighborhoods from Burlington Fire Department.
  • Discussion about changing Barlow Street to one-way in Winooski.
  • Intervale car break-ins reported and discussed.
  • South End car ransacker nabbed; police ask forum members to reclaim recovered loot.
  • The usual array of housing, cars, furniture, contractor, etc. postings.
  • Free couch, iMac, printers, linens, baby stuff, desk, slip cover, ficus plant, misc. electronics, etc.
  • Lots of discussions about broadband and TV options across the county.
  • Lots of Town Meeting lead-up announcements and opinions.
  • Lots and lots snow-related requests, offers, complaints and thanks.
  • Oh… and there’s always cats. This month’s tip… look under your porch after a blizzard. Several folks found snowed-in kitties eager to get out, get fed and get warm!

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