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My Kids and Obama

Posted on Monday, February 19, 2007 by 2 comments

One benefit of running Front Porch Forum is that I read of happenings, rumors and news from all across the region often before they reach the mainstream media. It’s mostly just fun to be plugged in that way. But occasionally I learn of something that I would have missed otherwise.

For example, back in December 2006, I read about a kick-off meeting for a draft Obama movement in Vermont. I heard Barack Obama speak at the last Democratic National Convention and was impressed. Further, I was one of thousands who tried in vain to hear him speak at the University of Vermont last fall… overflow crowds overwhelmed the facilities that had been set up. I couldn’t even get into the back-up space that had been rigged with sound.

So, it’s still so early and I’m looking at candidates from across the spectrum – this is bound to be a long and interesting election cycle – but he’s definitely offering exciting possibilities.

So, as a proud papa, I’ve got to “out” my kids too. Philip Baruth has an excellent piece on his take on Obama that he filed for VPR (audio, text). Here’s my favorite line:

One couple even brought their three kids, all in their PJs, and the kids crashed around the place and produced the excellent sort of mayhem that kids produce near or just past their bedtimes.

For the record, we had all four of our kids, but our seven-year-old passed on the jammies and wore his school clothes. And, yes, they were crashing around. Thanks again to the accommodating group and cafe proprietors!

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  1. Michael says:

    Thanks to Philip for adding our forth child to his recent post… although the boy might still insist that he wasn’t wearing PJs in public. 😉

  2. Handsome says:

    And how is the kiddy Obama thing developing? My 3 year old child is pronouncing his name better than George Bush, but I expose him to a lot.

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