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Honest Lad saves Day

Posted on Saturday, February 17, 2007 by No comments yet

Our local blizzard broke some records (which is saying something in Vermont).  I’m not a meteorologist, but I think I’m qualified to say it’s A LOT OF SNOW!

The neighbor-helping-neighbor stories are piling up and people are using their forums more than ever.  In this mostly fun crisis, people turn to their neighbors to offer and request help.  Here’s one sample and I hope to post more soon:

You can imagine how bad I felt when I realized we returned home from the sled hill without our all-weather digital camera. Special pictures, like our daughter trying on wedding dresses, vacation that could never be replaced. I figured it was gone forever. But one posting on Front Porch Forum and it’s back! How lucky we were that an honest young boy was sledding the same day we were. Thanks!  -Jim Barrett, The Addition Neighborhood Forum

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