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Weekly Sampler: Fire Victim Gratitude

Posted on Monday, January 22, 2007 by 2 comments

This past week saw about 200 messages posted in the various neighborhood forums hosted by Front Porch Forum in and around Burlington, VT. People often ask for a concise summary of what members submit to their neighborhood forum… I’ll share some of the topics from the past week. If this works, perhaps I’ll repeat in the weeks ahead. In no particular order:

  • Thank you to neighbors from fire victims in Essex
  • Wireless broadband in Westford
  • Seeking neighbor to sew on buttons in Burlington
  • Sugarshack open-door offer in Westford
  • Pick-up basketball game discussion
  • Senior center programs announced
  • Seeking bridge game, apartment, drum lessons, bike route, sled run, contractor
  • Sidewalk snowplowing in Essex
  • School Commissioner update in Burlington’s Ward 5
  • Many people seeking leads for home snow removal
  • Movie night at Euro Gourmet for Five Sisters neighborhood
  • NYC dog seeking new home in Vermont
  • Impeachment petition circulating in various towns
  • Free wine rack, car seat, and lots of other stuff
  • Snow parking ban announcements
  • Seeking off-street parking during bans
  • Housing regs discussion in the Old North End
  • For sale: snow shoes, yoga lessons, GIS services, singing Valentines
  • Lots of municipal news in Winooski… ice rink status, etc.
  • Waterfront airshow comments
  • Found: aqua blue fleece hat
  • Available: housekeeper, babysitter, real estate appraiser
  • Lots of new member introductions
  • And, a week can’t go by without… Lost cat!

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