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Local Online Trends from 2006

Posted on Monday, January 8, 2007 by No comments yet

Peter Krasilovsky packs a lot into his ten brief trends from 2006 for local online. Nearly each of his points supports Front Porch Forum’s position, so check out his full list. Some snippets:

Google and Yahoo have… 70 percent [of local search]. All the others belong in a subset. But the subset, of course, can be lucrative too.

How fast will Google and Yahoo migrate beyond local search, impacting classifieds, brand/display and Yellow Pages. It ought to take awhile.

Sites that protect local positions should get some traction.

Google-style, self-serve [ad sales] solutions will creep up on the industry faster than expected.

We’ll see a lot of localizing [from national advertisers] in 2007.

What surprises me is that the Yellow Pages companies haven’t bothered to buy [local social networks, and ratings/review sites]. Yet.

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