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Refrigerator Rights

Posted on Tuesday, December 26, 2006 by 1 comment

I stumbled across a relevant book recently called Refrigerator Rights: Creating Connections & Restoring Relationships. Drs. Will Miller and Glenn Sparks thesis apparently (I haven’t read the book yet) is that we all need people in our life who we are comfortable with… to the degree that they have refrigerator rights in our home. That is, they can come in and help themselves. The authors point to Americans’ frequent relocations, as well as TV and computers, as likely culprits to the lack of such relationships.

The authors have a new blog too. Looks like their 2003 book is picking up steam and will be published again in 2007 with some new material. This book and its success supports the impetus underlying Front Porch Forum.

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One comment

  1. Excellent website. My wife & I relocated from a remote country home to a strong neighborhood with a great association. It’s the Ninth Street Hill of Lafayette, Indiana. We are very active and I believe that your work is the critical variable to enjoying human living with lower stress.

    Will Miller

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