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Five Severed Hands missing in South End

Posted on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 by 2 comments

I realize that Halloween was a few weeks ago, but severed-hand stories keep dropping in my lap. So… it all started with a message on the South Union Neighborhood Forum from Sue Burton and Jan Schultz:

“The morning after Halloween we found a green hand on our porch (pretty scary)! Maybe it’s a “special gift” (Sue has a broken wrist)… If it’s yours, give us a call.”

Three different neighbors, each missing a hand, came around to inspect the green foundling… and no matches were made! Jan and Sue followed up with:

“THE FICKLE HAND OF FATE: There’s more to the Green Hand Saga. Our most recent potential taker realized that our mysterious green hand is not his Green hand after all. As for the two callers yesterday, one found her own missing green hand on her back porch, and the other glumly realized that our new-found treasure wasn’t her lost hand. (Her’s is a glow-in-the-dark monstrous glove; ours does a little dance if you try to pick it up). So. But it’s O.K. I have to admit I’ve become very attached to this green hand. (This is Sue speaking, of the broken wrist.)”

Well, that’s four. What’s going on here? And then yesterday… number 5. Richard Donnelly told me of his missing gorilla hand… last seen in Halloween’s moonlight around Caroline Street. So, I just posted an APB on the Five Sisters Neighborhood Forum. Banana reward offered by Richard.

Who would have known the ways that Front Porch Forum would be used when we launched it a few months ago? In this giving season, please help these missing hands reunite with their rightful owners. Thank you.

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  1. Michael says:

    This just in from Jan:
    “We still have the Green Hand and have grown rather attached to it. Sue broke her wrist a few months ago and is still in rehab so this very robust hand is a valued friend. We have discovered that the hand… especially likes loud noises. It will start moving and making noises of its own at all loud noises.”

  2. Richard says:

    banana is green now, but won’t be for long. offer may change to banana bread.

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