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Essex beagle-dachshund mix returned to family!

Posted today on the Essex Center FPF by Veronica…

I posted on Friday about a missing beagle/dachshund mix. Thanks to a tip we found him! This is a great website, so glad a friend mentioned Front Porch Forum to me!

Dog Not Rabid – Front Porch Forum Rocks!

Ellen posted this on her local FPF today…

Man on Railroad Bed Sunday… Our son was biking on Sunday with a friend and you were walking with your 2 black dogs between Marshfield and Plainfield on the railroad bed. Your dog bit our son and we don’t know if your dog’s rabies shots are up to date. Please call immediately. Thank you.

And her good-news follow up posting…

We immediately got a call from the dog owner who was watching FPF for a note about it!! We are so relieved and grateful to know his dog is vaccinated! Front Porch Forum saves the day!