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Plant thieves prey on Burlington gardeners

“Gee, this is a new one for me: someone stole a planted perennial plant out of my front yard yesterday or the day before. Pretty bad karma since people garden for all kind of positive reasons. On the slim chance you’re the thief and read this, please take care of this one, it was a favorite. Also, next time just stop by the house and I’ll probably give you a clipping to grow. I’m going to tell myself that maybe this was a plant rescue since I’ve gotten behind in my weeding.”
• Bill on Bradley St, posted on a Burlington neighborhood Front Porch Forum

“Someone dug up two lilies, two daffodils, and a dianthus from my front yard last night. Unbelievable. If I find you, I’m calling the police.”
• Megan on Bright St, posted on a Burlington neighborhood FPF

“I went out to work in my front garden today, and I noticed that one of my Coral Bell plants was missing. It appears to have been dug up and some of the dirt and mulch was replaced to cover the hole. I’m having a hard time figuring out why someone would do that, other than really wanting a new plant. I’m assuming that you wanted to make your yard more beautiful too and I really hope it was replanted in a lovely spotIn the future if you would really like a plant, knock on my door and ask me. I would be more than happy to divide one of my hostas for you. If you are reading this and you took my plant, I would be very grateful if you would return it.”
• Megan on Greene St, posted on a Burlington neighborhood FPF

“Grrrrr, plant thief in the night… A small white rosa rugosa was stolen from the hell strip (the land between the sidewalk and the street) in front of our house on N Prospect St last night. Whether the thief believed it belonged to the city or to me, it remains a theft. May the branches of my fragrant rose prick your conscience for some time to come.”
• Angie on N Prospect St, posted on a Burlington neighborhood FPF

Cute kitten back home in Craftsbury

Did you lose a kitten? She is a most beautiful white cat with a rust and grey saddle and three black stripes on one front leg… about seven inches long, fairly long hair… but quite boney… appeared on our doorstep last evening. We are feeding her and calling her Amber (please take her before i’m completely in love)… can’t have her inside (allergy)… too sweet for just a barn cat… please call if you’d like to come by and meet her.”
• Carol, Craftsbury FPF

“Kitty is back home… I love Front Porch Forum… had a lovely day with a pretty kitty and now she’s back home.”
• Carol, Craftsbury FPF, next day

Rather than phone book or Google search, FPF finds roofer fast

“It occurred to me how much I depend on Front Porch Forum. Phone books are pretty obsolete an not everyone has a website. Yesterday, we posted for a roofing quote. A LOCAL professional roofer came to the property today and gave us an estimate — less than 24 hours later!”
• Mary, Northfield FPF

Underhill wood stackers get it done

“Seeking 2 to 3 people to help stack our wood. 15.00 dollars an hour lunch included. Sunday June 5th 8am.”
• Janet, Underhill FPF

“Many thanks from us, a shout out to Matt, Max, Justin, Noel, Cortland and Shane, and of course Front Porch Forum! Never seen the wood pile disappear so quickly, and stacked properly! Thank you! A job well done!”
• Janet, Underhill FPF a couple days later

Break-ins in Brattleboro; Morrisville teens stealing from parked cars

“Break-in on Forest Street in the AM. Also, break-in on Acorn Lane sometime between 8:30 AM and 4 PM. Door jimmied and lots of cash stolen, as well as jewelry.”
• Scott, Brattleboro Front Porch Forum

“My husband and I were awaken Friday night to 2 juvenile males entering our cars. They grabbed wallets, check book and a few other worthless items. The police responded immediately and were lucky enough to track them down. All of our items were returned. The teens live right across from Joe’s Pond Road in Morrisville and wondered down to our neighborhood, about 1.5 miles away. I am sure we are not the only house they were attempting to steal from. We have learned our lesson to never leave our doors unlocked. If you live in this area and noticed anything missing Saturday you may want to contact the PD.”
• Jessica, Morrisville FPF

Stolen sign returned after thief called out on Cabot FPF

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.46.57 AM“Looking for information about who stole the real estate sign off my property listing on Rt 232 in Marshfield just as you turn up the Groton State Forest Rd… I will offer a reward to whomever returns it to my office on Main St in Cabot. These are expensive to replace so I appreciate any help. You can also call me to pick it up if you know where it is.”
• Beth, Cabot FPF

“Thank you to the mystery caller who let me know my sign would be replaced today and it has been seen back where it belongs! Thank you for restoring my faith, sir, and thanks to Front Porch Forum!”
• Beth, Cabot FPF, next day after first posting

Duck-knapping in Weybridge; break-in in Westford; barn burglary in Warren

“Within the past week, I had 5 pet ducks stolen from a fenced-in pen, and my neighbor had building material stolen from the back of his truck. These occured on Quaker Village Rd. Both items stolen were within 40 feet of our houses. They occurred on different nights between 9pm and 6am. I have a game recording video which I’ve sent for enhancement. We will find you thugs.”
• Mark, Weybridge Front Porch Forum

“My neighbor told us today that someone broke into their home and stole a few items. They wanted the rest of their neighbors on Woods Hollow Road to be on the look-out and let the state police know if you see something happening. They would have let us know themselves, but their internet device was stolen too.”
• Julie, Westford FPF

“Hi neighbors… just wanted to let everyone know that our barn was broken into… in broad daylight mid-day. They took a lot of valueable tools, air compressor, generator and many more items… We live on Rt 100 and our house is right next to the road. These thieves are very brave, but they won’t get back into our barn, but just to let everyone know that these thieves are brave.”
• Karen, Warren FPF

Cat shot in Warren front yard… Seeking leads

“We are in search of the person who shot our neighbors’ cat on our front lawn. Our 12-year-old son found the cat. We are sad for our neighbors’ loss and we hope that the person responsible feels some remorse and sees this message. They were shooting towards our home, which has 2 young boys in it. If anyone has any information about this crime we hope you will come forward.”
• Joanna, Mad River Valley Front Porch Forum