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Best of FPF: A Final Commute!

Posted on Saturday, June 29, 2024 by No comments yet

Last week, Ann invited neighbors in the Underhill Forum to help cheer on her husband on his final bike ride home after 29 years of commuting. We thought it was well worth a share:

“Whether you know his name or not, you’ve probably seen my husband riding through your town at some point — looking intent, pedaling hard. He’s the guy with the fanny pack and when it’s cold, a pink and yellow helmet cover!

Now it’s time to celebrate with him! At the end of the school day, Todd and I will be leaving the high school on our bikes for his final commute. There are a few ways to celebrate his career:

1) Offer a friendly toot or good word if you see us on the roadway.

2) Ride with us for the last three miles by meeting us at the Deborah Rawson Library. We will travel to the Town Pond together.

3) Meet us at the Town Pond for a quick celebratory hip hip hooray!”

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