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Best of FPF: This Fire Chief’s Journey Could be Yours

Posted on Friday, June 21, 2024 by No comments yet

Adam, the Fire Chief in Grand Isle, posted this recruiting message in his Forum. We thought it was well worth a share:

“It is hard for me to believe that twelve years ago today I stepped into the Grand Isle Fire Station for the first time. I told Assistant Chief Wade Lawrence that I thought I might be interested in joining. He showed me around the station, showed me the trucks and the equipment, told me about the other members, and spewed a lot of acronyms, like SCBA, TIC, NFPA, PASS, ICS, LDH, IDLH, SAR. That evening was a scheduled training reviewing marine responses.

From the sidelines, I watched twelve islanders I had never met before. The experience was a bit intimidating, but I came back the next week and kept showing up.

Those acronyms soon became familiar as did the islanders. I attended the Vermont Fire Academy to learn more and get certified; I attended weekly trainings and went on calls. Today, I serve as Chief of Grand Isle Vol. Fire Department. Twelve years ago, that role was unimaginable.

I am writing this note in hopes that you will take the same jump I did and join the Grand Isle Volunteer Fire Department. You will learn new skills, help your community, and meet fellow islanders. Plus, you get to wear a cool hat, ride in a fire truck, and get paid to attend trainings and respond to calls.

To learn more or to join our department, stop by the station or reach out to me with questions. I’ll be happy to give you a tour of the station and our equipment and introduce you to a bunch of islanders who may soon become familiar faces and friends.”

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