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Spreading Joy and Love in the Classroom

Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2024 by No comments yet

This teacher appreciation week, Front Porch Forum is home to the heartfelt acknowledgment of educators throughout the state, thanking them both for the work they are doing today and for those who made a lifelong impact. Here are just a few of the postings:

One of my favorite teachers from my days as a student at Spaulding High School is now my neighbor of the past 25 years. I still call him Mr. Maher, even though he has repeatedly encouraged me to call him Jeff. The respect and honor I hold for him, and the many other amazing teachers I have had, is so big that calling him by his first name would never seem appropriate.”

• Sonya, Spaulding

Our teachers are great communicators, role models and vital members of our community. This year I have enjoyed watching my son’s confidence grow and my daughter find joy in reading – both directly attributable to their awesome teachers.”

• Anastasia, Barre

I want to thank all the fabulous teachers and support staff at CCS! I continue to be amazed and grateful for the love, support, knowledge and growth these individuals bring to the students and families of CCS. They go out of their way to help our students be their best and get the support they need.”

• Larson, Charlotte

Thank you to our local teachers for working so hard for Calais kids. You are exceptional! You have great enthusiasm and positivity for the work you do. You spread joy and love.

• Kelly, Calais

Mrs. Gilbar was our daughter’s teacher in 2020. She navigated the pandemic and showed up to Google meets with a smile. She did more checking in on the kids and families than expected. Never once did she complain or let on that she was nervous, scared or tired. Her grace gave our family and many others the support and care needed.”

• Mariann, Underhill

I appreciate our teachers. I appreciate their willingness to show up day after day and do a thankless job that is one of the most impactful jobs within our community and society at large. Teachers impact our youngest community members during some of their most pivotal moments in their life.” –

• Moriah, Morrisville

Our children are lucky to have such a dedicated and caring group of educators who work tirelessly for them and for our community. You are appreciated more than you know.

•Emily, Barre

Teachers, para-educators, administrators, school support staff and educators of all kinds are essential for our kids and our community. We see you, we appreciate you!!

• Hallie, Morristown

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