Monthly Archives: November 2016

Free drink for a Trump supporter

I know this election has shaken up a lot of people on both sides of the debate. One thing I see happening more than anything else is an inability for people to communicate and have empathy towards those with different views. It is sad, though luckily for us in Vermont it isn’t nearly as bad as some other places in this country.

I have set a goal for myself to sit down with someone with a differing perspective than my own, share a drink (whatever it may be) and to just listen a bit. I am not out to make a debate. Nor to talk at someone else. But I do want to know about what a Trump supporter sees as the biggest issues in their world, what about Trump inspires them, and what about him may be concerning. I also want that same person to hear someone who is different than them actually giving a shit about their opinion, in an effort to bridge the divide that the media says we all have.

This is an act of reconciliation and hope. I want to see us rise above our political differences. We are all in this together.


• Jake, Morrisville Front Porch Forum

Charlotte grandmother seeking euphonium

“I am looking for a four valve euphonium for my granddaughter to use/rent over the thanksgiving holiday. She has a competition just after returning home to North Dakota. She will bring her own mouth piece and needs a smaller mouth. Euphonium if you can’t spell it you can’t play it. I know it is a long shot- but you never know with Front Porch Forum. Thanks.”
• Mary, Charlotte FPF

Lost dogs make good neighbors

“Thank you to everyone who helped me find Lucy’s owner in Plainfield. This older, female Golden Retriever was wearing an orange safety vest and a collar, but no tags, when I found her Sunday night on the Lower Road. Through the power of Front Porch Forum, this sweet dog will be reunited with her owner this afternoon.”
• Martha, Barre City FPF

“I just want to thank all of the wonderful people who stopped to help my dog Greta on Route 2 last night after she was hit by a car. She is recovering at home with our family thanks to your kindness. I have no doubt if you had not taken the time to stop and help her we never would have found her and she would have been hit again. She suffered a bloody nose and a swollen eye, but BEVS took good care of her, checked her over and sent her home with us last night. Please call or email me so I can return your crate and blankets. I cannot thank you all enough!”
• Jill, Plainfield Marshfield FPF