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Baby snapping turtle rescued at Argyle NY tractor pull

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“A VERY big thank you to Argyle Front Porch Forum (New York) for posting our plea for turtle help at the tractor pull!!!! The baby snapper is safe, healthy and has been released back in the wild. He was thrilled to be back in his (or her) home area. We have a short video of his release. Thank you so much to those who responded, we will email you in private as well. Thanks. Have a great night.”
• Doreen, Argyle FPF

Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies find homes in Waterbury

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“A week ago I posted on behalf of a friend who was fostering three adorable Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix puppies that needed homes. After my post on Front Porch Forum she said the response from the Waterbury Community was overwhelming. All three of those puppies are now in happy new homes and two of them now reside in the Waterbury area. A happy ending for all!”
• Kristin, Waterbury FPF

Karma: Lost bankroll returned to generous owner in South Hero

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“On Sunday morning some money was dropped on my front lawn. I have a table with Yard Sale Items with a sign that reads FREE OR DONATE TO THE FRANKLIN HUMANE SOCIETY. There was some money left in the donation tub. I would guess that the money I found fell out of your pocket when/if you made a donation. Thank you, by the way. The found money was an amount that I could not afford to lose. If you are this person or know who it may be please call me or stop by. By the way, NO SCAMMERS!. I have no tolerance for thieves and if you cannot satisfy me that you are indeed the person who lost this money I will report your license plate number to the Sheriff’s Dept. Hope to hear from you. If this money is not claimed it will, in fact, be a donation the Franklin Count Humane Society. Thank you.”
• Thom, South Hero FPF

“I posted a found money notice yesterday on FPF. Update: the individual and the money have been happily re-united. The end-all to this situation is that it happened so quickly and that it happened at all only because of Front Porch Forum. Thanks.”
• Thom, South Hero FPF, next day

Isle La Motte perennials donated

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“Thank for all who donated perennials to make my flower beds look better, I really appreciate the kindness. Thank you also to Front Porch Forum for providing a space for community members to be “community” minded.”
• Anne, Isle La Motte FPF

Heavy lifting needed? Ask Vergennes neighbors

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“I need two fit persons to move 4-5 pieces of furniture, carefully, back onto our refinished pine floor… a table, sideboard, desk and a couch. No stairs, all are on the same level.”

• Paul, Vergennes FPF

“Our thanks to both Front Porch Forum, which proved its worth once again, and Martin and Scott who rescued us this morning and got all the furniture back in place.”
• Paul, Vergennes FPF, next day

Waitsfield neighbors offer lodging

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“Thank you to all the innkeepers and SO MANY kind residents who responded to my query looking for last-minute lodging for the marathon weekend. The kindness of inn keepers and those who made offers to open there homes to my friends was terrific. Thank you Front Porch Forum. We are blessed to share the compassion, care & concerns of a wonderful community here.”
• Karen, Mad River Valley FPF

Neighbor discovers Ferrisburgh is bursting with horse boarding options

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“I want to thank all the people who responded to my inquiry regarding boarding my horse. I was amazed and gratified at the number of responses I received. Because of all the good suggestions, I found the perfect barn for my horse and myself. I know we will be happy in our new ‘home.’ Front Porch Forum REALLY works!”
• Mona, Ferrisburgh FPF

Westford neighbors full of carpenter recommendations

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“I wanted to thank everyone who sent carpenter recommendations for building our shed. I was hoping to get a handful of responses, and I received more than 10. I am grateful to live in a community that is so full of knowledge and willing to share.”
• Chris, Westford Front Porch Forum

Neighborly matchmaking in Waterbury

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“To Dan – We met this evening at the Village Market – we talked about the Long Trail, your unruly little piglets, and bacon. (You also mentioned that you live near Camels Hump.) Hoping our paths cross again… maybe Front Porch Forum can help.”
• Emily, Waterbury FPF