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Recumbent bike loan in Ferrisburgh

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“Thank you to KS in Charlotte who had a recumbent bike he wasn’t using. Now I can continue with my physical therapy while I am still basically home bound. Thanks also to Front Porch Forum for bringing neighbors together to help one another. It is really appreciated.”
• Mickey, Ferrisburgh FPF

Missing tent found thanks to neighbors

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“Thanks to a tip from FPF member the missing tent has been found! And thanks to Front Porch Forum for providing the ability to help each other in so many ways… “
• Sue, Waterbury FPF

How sexy is your FPF?

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“I am organizing an artistic bachelorette party for a friend and am in search of a male model who will feel comfortable posing nude for a group of women. Previous experience and interesting props at your disposal are a plus but not necessary. The party is tentatively set for Friday October 2nd. $100 for one hour of shortly held poses.”
• Sky, Old North End Front Porch Forum

Local economic development tool used in Vermont

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“Thanks for all you do – Front Porch Forum has been terrific in helping us reach our citizens with our business and economic development messages.”
• Chairman of a local economic development commission in Vermont

Bubble wrapping Middlesex neighbors

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“My thanks to: Brian for bubble wrap; Barbara for more bubble wrap and vinca; and Maude for suggesting CVSWMD’s Additional Recyclables Collection Center in Barre as a source of as much bubble wrap as anyone could want. And thanks Front Porch Forum for providing a connection between neighbors.”
• Susan, Middlesex FPF

Treasured bonsai tree stolen from fair… happy ending

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Dozens of versions of this posting appeared on FPFs across Vermont recently…

On the evening of Sept. 3 in the Bonsai exhibition at Champlain Valley Expo, someone took a cherished juniper bonsai belonging to a member of the Green Mountain Bonsai Society.  The tree that was stolen is a miniature juniper. It must live outdoors, except during winter, to be healthy, and requires -40 degree cold-dormancy in the winter to stay alive – a bonsai like this is NOT a house plant. The club is asking PLEASE — whoever took this tree — find a way to return it to the owner [who is heartbroken]. If you have any knowledge about this tree, please contact us.

Followed by a gratifying…

This could only happen in Vermont. The Bonsai stolen from the Fair has been returned. Apparently all the publicity about how difficult it would be to care for the tree paid off. It was found on an office desk at the Flynn, and it looked like the wiring had been loosened, possibly as attempted removal from the pot had been attempted, without knowledge of how to actually do it. A little the worse for wear, it has been returned to its owner. Would that solving bigger crimes would be so easy. To the extent that Front Porch Forum postings by all of those who spread the word contributed to the return, many thanks from the owner and the members of the Green Mountain Bonsai Society.