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Front Porch Foursome

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Posted on the Jericho FPF today by Ted…

My daughter and I went to Harvest Market today, like thousands of others. It was a great 40th anniversary event, and I especially liked a new group… Front Porch Foursome… four women who met on Front Porch Forum and played in front of the church. They were great!  I hope they put out an album… soon. Thanks, ladies.

Baby spider plants and meeting neighbors in Morrisville

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Yvette shared on the Morrisville FPF today…

I posted those baby spider plants on our Front Porch Forum yesterday and today? I got 7 “hits” with folks who were wanting to adopt them.They came and got them and carefully put them into their vehicles (one girl was on a bike) and took them home. Baby plants finding homes via the forum? You should be proud, FPF, for coming up with such a great plan for an online community bulletin board. Great service. Huge fan. Huge.

Dachshund keeping up with the big dogs

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Jim posted the note below recently on his neighborhood Front Porch Forum

Seeking “Little Red Wagon” or Similar

We’ve tried the thrift shops and not much time to go garage-saling. We’re looking for an inexpensive small child’s wagon. (It’s not for a child…it’s for a middle-aged Dachshund who likes to go for long walks with his young Great Dane brother & Goldendoodle buddy, but can’t make the return trip without going flop-bottom).

Followed today by…

Elvin the Dachshund is FPF’s Newest Fan

You may see him around in his “little red wagon,” kindly donated by a neighborhood family in response to my post. Now he can keep up with the big dogs.