Monthly Archives: October 2013

Norman the horse lays down the law

“If you think driving a car or walking is unsafe on Wes White Hill, try riding a horse! I’ve been riding there for 15 years. I have been run off the road and thrown into the ditches so many times that I have stopped counting. I even reported a state trooper who was speeding, no lights, just speeding and leaving a trail of dust. Finally, after all these years my older horse, Norman, had had enough and stood his ground. As a car was coming towards us over the speed limit, I cued him to move to the side of the road. He refused, stopped in the middle of the road and there was nothing I could do. The car stopped in front of us and the young driver looked as if she was going to faint. Norman then moved over and continued walking home. He finally learned that horses have the right of way in Vermont.”

That was posted by Carol to the Richmond Front Porch Forum yesterday.