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AWOL kitty discovers beach bum lifestyle…

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#VT – Thanks to Front Porch Forum one of my neighbors responded to my post and reported seeing our cat, Colby, at the neighborhood beach this past weekend.   I went down this morning and called his name and low and behold, he came out from behind the hedges…

Thank you Lucie for responding to my post..   My family, particularly my 4 year old granddaughter, is very grateful to you.

We are so very happy to have him home again.

Posted by Cathy today on her Colchester FPF.

Green beans for IT help

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#VT – For a while now I have been helping people in and around Duxbury with IT/computer issues.  As times are tough for most of us, I trade my services for services/products…  I have received green beans, maple syrup and even wonderful cakes as payment.  If you need advice, repairs or a whole network set up let me know.

Posted on the Duxbury Front Porch Forum by Keith recently.

Vermont Wildlife

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#VT – Front Porch Forum is choke full of unusual wildlife sightings this weekend…

  • Mama bear and cubs in the South End of Burlington
  • Porcupine near Five Corners in Essex Junction
  • Loads of hummingbirds all over
  • And turtles on the roads near Lake Iroquois, including this note just posted by Kathleen…

I moved a little turtle today, too, about the size of a baseball. She and I worked together, with the help of an envelope I had, to encourage her to move. I was surprised by the noise her feet made when she literally RAN to the side of the road.  I had no idea that turtles could RUN. They can.

How do you find a contractor?

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Indeed, how does a person find a home improvement contractor?  From Greg Sterling today, a recent survey found that asking a friend is the top approach.   This jibes with our experience.

“Seeking plumber/mechanic/roofer/electrician/etc./contractor recommendations” is one of the most common postings on Front Porch Forum.

New bike business in Middlesex gets traction

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#VT – Last week I posted a notice on Front Porch Forum about ZoomBikes, a new business I’ve started with a friend selling e-bike kits (to add an electric motor to a bicycle). Thanks for your response! In just three days we had more than 300 hits on our website. In case anyone wonders, posting on FPF works!

Posted by Laurie on the Middlesex FPF today.