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Front Porch Forum wins a 2010 Knight News Challenge Award!

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Wow!  We’re shocked and amazed to find Front Porch Forum among the dozen 2010 Knight News Challenge award winners (out of 2,400 applicants worldwide).  I’m sitting at the announcement now, held at MIT in Cambridge, MA.  More later.  Here’s the news release, and some additional coverage in New York Times, Huffington Post, Seven Days, etc.

Thanks to FPF’s 19,000 subscribing households, to our many supporters, and to the Knight Foundation.

Here’s a video clip of the Knight News Challenge announcement (at 17:20 and at 52:25), including some images about Front Porch Forum.

And here’s a much shorter video clip about FPF from Knight…

Knight News Challenge: Front Porch Forum from Knight Foundation on Vimeo.

New Pew study looks at digital neighborhood tools

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I’ve only skimmed the new Pew report by Aaron Smith, Neighbors Online.  Steven Clift posted a thorough write-up of it…

According to the just released Neighbors Online report from Pew Internet and American Life, 27% of American adult Internet users (or 20% of adults overall) use “digital tools to talk to their neighbors and keep informed about community issues.”

This is an amazing number and a great starting point.

Take Chit. Co. Internet Access and Affordability Survey

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From Barry Lampke of the Champlain Initiative…

Enter to Win an iPod Nano 8GB By Participating in Internet Access and Affordability Survey!

Do you have Internet access at home?  Is your cellphone prepaid or contract?  How much do you pay each month for Internet, phone and TV?  As a partner in the Champlain Initiative’s Changing Face of Chittenden County project, we are helping promote a brief survey to better understand how you use and pay for information/communications technologies, such as home Internet, cellphone and TV.  Concerned that people without affordable access are being left out of the digital revolution, project partners are exploring changes to improve access and affordability.  Please complete the survey, and visit the Champlain Initiative’s website to see what others are saying.

In These Times covers Front Porch Forum

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Bill McKibben’s latest book, Eaarth, is excerpted in the June 7, 2010 issue of In These Times, with a focus on Front Porch Forum.