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Seeking active, engaged audience?

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Try Front Porch Forum around #BTV #VT.  Here’s today’s example…

We lean heavily on Front Porch Forum when it comes to getting the word out to the widest spectrum of people in Chittenden County. People really read it and, most importantly, they respond. We used our usual low- to no-cost promotion vehicles to promote a public tour of our recycling facility. We received a handful of responses. We put it out on Front Porch Forum, and within two days we had filled all 20 slots on that tour, plus another to be held next month. This is an active, engaged audience–just the people we want to reach!
-Clare Innes, Chittenden Solid Waste District

Where to focus limited resources?

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Fred Wilson on Meetup

Our portfolio company Meetup has learned to focus on successful Meetup groups. Those are Meetup groups that are active, meeting regularly, have growing memberships, and are paying fees to Meetup. Meetup could focus on other data sets like monthly unique visitors, new Meetup groups, total registered users, revenues, profits, cash. They collect that data and share it with the team. But the number one thing they look at it successful Meetup groups and that has worked well for them. It is their key business metric.

In Front Porch Forum’s pilot network, we host 140 online neighborhood forums.  As with Meetup, the groups’ levels of activity and success vary tremendously.  Good food for thought.