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Be A Good Neighbor – The Front Porch Forum Story

Lang McLaughry Real Estate, a leading real estate company in Vermont, focused on Front Porch Forum recently on their website.  We’ve heard from Realtors across the state that they love to inform their clients about FPF… a “modern welcome wagon.”


St. Albans FPF… fantastic!

Earlier I posted a “FOR RENT” posting for my step-daughter for her house on the St. Albans City Front Porch Forum.

We were inundated with requests.

She has rented it and I appreciate all those who responded to my posting.  Thanks.

Posted by Mark for today’s FPF.

Making life easier

#BTV #VT – Just want to give a big thanks to the Front Porch Forum. After less than a week after we posted our investment property for sale on here we are under contract… and we hadn’t even formally listed it yet!!

Over the years we have found all our tenants through you. We leave this part of our lives with a big thanks for all the wonderful people you’ve helped us meet, and for how much easier you’ve made our lives.

Posted to an FPF in Burlington today by Mark and Kandy.

Neighbor house switcheroo…

#VT – Sadly, I will soon be selling my large house in the village. I very much want to stay right here. If you are selling, or know of anybody who is or might be selling a small (2 bedroom?) house or condo in Richmond Village, please contact me. Thank you.”

Posted by Joanna on the Richmond Front Porch Forum.  The next day, she received from Christy…

Hi Joanna – We have a 2 bedroom townhouse that we love, but that we will eventually outgrow.  We’ve been looking for homes in the village… we’d love to stay here.  Have you already sold your house?

Joanna shared with us just today…

I am thrilled to report that, two months after my initial FPF posting, I  purchased the townhouse and Christy and her family purchased my home.  Amazingly we each found the perfect home and we were able to sell our homes without ever putting them on the market.  Thank you, Front Porch Forum!

Local Search API List

Posted today on Local SEO Guide

Just posted the following list of local search api’s on SearchEngineLand.  I am going to be maintaining the list here and will be updating it from time to time.

Reaching beyond social media’s “Big Three”

Inman News columnist Gahlord Dewald posted a piece today aimed at real estate professionals about how they might make the most of social media tools.  This clip caught my eye…

… If you expand beyond the “Big Three” social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you might find very specific platforms that align with your goals. For example, in Burlington, Vt., we have an awesome forum system called Front Porch Forum. This platform is highly targeted by neighborhood and operates via (wait for it …) e-mail.

Not what you might think of when you think super-new-cool technology. But FPF is a highly valued resource in our town. About 40 percent of the local population are members (and this is a college town). The neighbors talk about the neighborhood. Pretty relevant for a real estate professional.

Spending the time to locate active social media platforms that are topic-focused — to round out your me-focused Facebook-LinkedIn-Twitter participation — is a good idea…

“Happy neighbors make you happy”

My neighbor Greg Fanslow posted this on Front Porch Forum just now…

Something happened to our outlooks when we moved to the Five Sisters last summer. The sense of community seems to make people happier and we literally felt like it was quite contagious. Now there is compelling scientific evidence to show that having happy neighbors is good for you.

Yesterday I came across a recent article in the British Medical Journal that analyzed data from a long term study of 5,124 people from Framingham, Mass. While a lot of previous studies have looked at links between happiness and genetics and socioeconomic factors, this study looked at how peoples’ social connections influence happiness.

And they found that the happiness of your next door neighbors is a stronger predictor of your own happiness than any other significant relationships. Incredibly neighbors have a bigger effect than spouses!

The study concluded that:
– If a friend who lives within a mile of you becomes happy, it increases your chances of being happy by 25%
– if your coresident spouse becomes happy, your chances increase by 8%
– if your sibling living within a mile becomes happy your chances increase by 14%
– if your coworkers are happy, it has no effect on your happiness.
– if your NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR becomes happy, your chances increase by (drum roll please….) a whopping 34%!

So that’s right. If you have a grumpy coworker, it might be a nice thing to try and brighten their day, but you won’t benefit from your efforts very much. On the other hand, if your neighbor is feeling down in the dumps, it’s clearly worth it to cheer them up!

All that said, in spite of the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence, I plan to continue being accommodating and cheerful with my wife, Yolanda– just to be safe.

For the full article, see: http://jhfowler.ucsd.edu/dynamic_spread_of_happiness.pdf

Greg seems like a fairly happy guy… good for me!  I’ll try to return the favor.